Make a great event even better by booking one of our distinctive ice cream cow bikes to serve delicious Worcestershire made ice cream to your guests and attendees.



Hire us in for your event or function We can offer a large selection of flavours served from our distinctive tricycles or our new state of the art mobile ice cream parlour.

No event is too small for us to attend. We have catered children's birthday parties in a back garden to serving Worcester Warriors and 12,000 fans at Six-ways.

Our tricycles can be used at indoor and outdoor events, giving you complete flexibility, whether it is a village fete, show, fun day, sporting event, lunch party or a wedding.

We can take our ice cream trikes almost anywhere - we don’t even need  power as  our eco-trikes are self-sufficient, even having their own lighting.

We have two types pf bookings, Public and private.

For a fete or other public event, we will give you a percentage of the take, (providing we make a profit)

For a private event, a party or a wedding, we require a deposit at the time of booking and then charge you for any ice cream your guests consume.

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