Purveyors of fine ice cream

Our ice cream trikes have been selling ice cream across Worcestershire since 2006, not just at our pitches in Worcester and Malvern, but also at many of the regions biggest and best events.


Our Story

More than 15 years of selling happiness, one lick at a time...

We started selling ice cream in Priory Park, Great Malvern, with a single trike and a licence from the District Council - now, fifteen years later we have pitches in Malvern and Worcester and a thriving events business.

In 2007 we changed the look of our trikes to the distinctive cow print design and gave names to them all. Now we have a herd that can be found, roaming across Worcestershire, whenever the weather is good!

In 2009 we were successful in obtaining the first High Street, Mobile Street trading licence in 25 years from Worcester City Council. We are still there and are one of only a few tricycle companies operating on a UK High Street.

As we started to expand our 'herd' we found it difficult to source tricycles that met our specific requirements so we started to build our own using components sourced from local companies.

Eco-friendly, with non of the nasty diesel fumes that issue forth from traditional ice-cream vans, our trikes sell ice cream made just across the river by the Bennett family at Manor Farm in Lower Wick.

With milk from their dairy herd and cream from a local creamery we can  ensure our 'food miles' are the lowest they can possibly be.

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